Fundamental Music is Sponsoring the:


“Keep the Music Going"

Video (or Audio) Practice Incentive

Students are asked to record songs or exercises they are working on.

Recordings can be done on SmartPhones or computers using the video feature or Voice Memo App.

These should then be emailed to your teacher who will evaluate, comment and guide by replying to the emails you send.
 Please send these as often as possible. Teacher replies may also include a sample recording of your teacher playing the piece for you to assist in your progress.

You can (but are not required to), use accompaniment recordings from the program’s website, or, in some cases, the CD that came with your book

Every recording sent will be worth (1) ticket in a raffle to win:

3rd place gift cards for Amazon, iTunes or games
2nd place winners will receive a Brand new tablet

(several winners will be chosen in these 2 categories)


(1) Grand prize to be raffled off for the most consistent participants......

A game system or iPad

(to be announced after I have secured the prize)


All participants are eligible for 3rd place, students who send 2 recordings per week are eligible for 2nd prize and students who average 3-4 per week will be eligible for the grand prize.


This will be our online instruction during this crisis and as an added incentive to "keep the music going"

In addition, there are instruction videos on under the YouTube tab, for more way’s students can get the support needed. Teachers to have the ability to invite students to attend online meetings via a platform like Zoom. If a student(s) need support that only face to face will give, this platform will help.