Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this program impact academic class time?

A: 30-minute small group lessons are given during regular school hours (If classes are after school, classes are generally at the same time each week). The lesson schedule is set up on a rotating basis. This means that up to 10, 30-minute sessions are available for use in this rotation. Student will not be asked to come at any given time more than once every 8-10 weeks. Statistically, this style program has been proven to work well, as no undue impact is made on the student for any one academic period.This also helps build a sense of self-discipline and personal responsibility. Students are required to understand that they are responsible for getting information missed while they were at music class. In general, teachers are helpful in guiding students in keeping up, and there is no unnecessary stress placed upon the student. In a case where there is a particular session that the student is absolutely unable to be out of class, a makeup session can be scheduled for the music class missed – simply communicate with Mr. Kelly and he will be happy to accommodate these individual needs.

Q: I am nervous about my child’s grades – what if this becomes a problem?

A: Every effort will be made to accommodate changes for individual academic concerns – this may require a makeup session outside of school time, or during recess, or may require adjusting the student’s individual schedule to avoid a particular class that is difficult to miss. The overall approach will be that involvement in music education is an important part of the educational life of a child, and all efforts will be made to assist in helping a student continue as necessary.

Q: How will I know when my child is expected to be at their class?

A: An initial schedule will be posted on this site as well as in each classroom with times and instrument groupings.This will not include individual student names because this schedule is considered to cover part of the initial enrollment period. After this initial period is finished (usually 3 weeks), a new schedule will be posted on this site, in each classroom, and given to each student. This schedule will include class times, dates, and names of participants. There will be at least 10 class sessions included on this page. When this schedule is finished, a new one will be posted and issued to each student.

Q: How does tuition work?

A: Tuition is based on a 30 lesson school year. There are 2 basic Tuition plans to choose from.  The 9 payment option is 69.00 per installment. If you choose to send in 1 payment for the full year, there will be a discount of more than $100.00 and the total is $520.00 (approximately 16.00 per lesson)

Q: Why is the music program not included in the tuition I pay for school?

A: Tuition at these schools does not allow for the addition of a program of this nature, so they contract with organizations such as Fundamental Music to offer classes as a optional service.

Q: Why is there a registration fee?

A: When you enroll you are asked to pay a $35 registration fee per family (included in the annual total when paying the 1 time payment of 520.00). This fee is used to cover the set-up costs needed to maintain this program, and help secure materials (music, folders, etc) that are used throughout the year. This registration fee is non-refundable.

Q: What will my child be entitled to in this program?

A: There will be a minimum of 30 lessons offered throughout the year. Adjustments in the schedule are made to make up for school closings due to snow and teacher absence. Even though these events will come up from time to time, there will still be 30 or more lessons given at each school. In more than 30 years of music instruction and scheduling, there has never been a year where this goal has not been met or surpassed. There will also be at least 2 performances given each year, with the opportunity for more, which may include assembly programs, school masses, and field trips to various music festivals or special performances at larger venues.

Q: What if my child is absent for a class this month – do I still pay the full amount?

A: Yes. Missed lessons due to student absence are not refunded but most times can be made up. Please check the individual school lesson schedules which provide make up options either during recess or after school. Missed classes for teacher absence or unforeseen school closings will be made up for the guaranteed minimum of 30 lessons. Tuition is not based on any set number of lessons for any given month; it is based on a lesson minimum for the school year.

If your child starts the classes later in the year for some reason, contact Ed Kelly directly for an adjustment.

Q: What if my child does not wish to continue for any reason – will I get a refund?

A: Yes (and no). Refunds may be given up to February 15 for full-year payments. The amount calculated in the refund is based on the $15.83 weekly rate for any unused tuition. The installment Tuition plan will simply stop once Mr. Kelly has been informed of your desire to stop. Please Note: this notification must be given via email directly to Mr. Kelly and can not be given by word of mouth via the student to their teacher.

Please note: discontinuation of classes must come directly from the parent – verbal notification from a student will not be counted as valid until you contact Mr. Kelly.

Q: Are individual lessons available on any particular instrument?

A: Yes (on a limited basis and only at some schools). Individual classes may be scheduled on the basis of availability. This may mean scheduling a lesson before school, during recess or after school – depending on needs of individuals and their schedules. Instruments offered are: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Trombone, Percussion, Drum Set, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Piano. Tuition for individual lessons is $25 per session or similar discounted programs as in the school program.