Option 1:

Disney Workshop and Concert at one of the parks

  • This will include a 4 day trip to Disney (April 4-7, 2018)
  • During this trip, students will receive a workshop given by Disney Staff that culminates in the recording of our ensemble to a scene from a Disney Movie (the finished product will be given to all participants)
  • A Concert somewhere on Disney Grounds (site TBA)

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Preparation and Acceptance to the Honor's Program

Honor Band is an ensemble that requires Teacher recommendation and audition. Music is available now and is expected to be prepared prior to the 2 honor band rehearsals that will be scheduled for either performance

We are currently working on 2 options for this Spring

Option 2:

High Note Music Festival 

  • This Option includes an adjudicated festival sponsored by High Note and 6 Flags NJ
  • Educational feed back by Highly Qualified Judges who will award a ranking of Superior, Excellent, Good or Fair to our performance at the festival
  • Option to spend the remainder of the day at 6 Flags
  • There will be an added feature to the Honor band experience in May -     a Jazz Ensemble for qualified students. (We are working out details of forming this new ensemble as an exciting feature to our program)

Fundamental Music Instruction

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Honor Band Options 2018

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Fundamental Music Instruction Honor Band 2018