How to Help Your Music Student

Parents play a major role in a music student’s success. Here are some ways to show interest and encourage your child. You don’t need to know how to read music or play an instrument to be a strong motivator!

 Meet your child’s teacher.
Attend school concerts.
Encourage participation in special bands.
Encourage your child to play for you, other family, or friends. Praise his or her efforts and encourage repetition when needed.
Help your child to remember to take his or her instrument, book, stand, pencil and music folder to school for lessons.
Be patient – it takes a full year of instruction to properly assess a student’s interest, progress, and probability of success in instrumental music.

The most important factor contributing to your child’s potential for success is at-home practice. Here are some ways to get the most of practice time:

- Help your child find a special place to practice, and add practice time to his/her daily routine.
- Practice can be done sitting or standing, but be sure to use a music stand to ensure proper playing posture.
- Help record your child’s progress on his/her practice card. Be sure to initial it after each practice session.
- Most importantly, practice regularly (15 minutes, 5 times per week) – don’t try to do it all in one day.