Guitar and Keyboard Students:   *Note - these are for purchase instruments (between $69.00-$99.00) 

It is recommended that you visit a local store location to select the appropriate instrument. A Nylon stringed guitar is recommended for beginners.  (If you would like to order a decent beginner guitar from Music and Arts, click here. A  1/2 size is best for grades 1+2 and  a 3/4 size is the best for grades 3 and up)

A keyboard will be provided at school, however  students will need an instrument for home practice and possibly concert use. These are available at a wide range of prices. The beginning level is perfectly acceptable, as long as it is "Touch Sensitive" and "Transposable"                                                (If you would like to order a good starter keyboard from K and S Music, Click Here. This is touch sensitive and transposable)

Please Note: first and second grade student instruments designed for smaller fingers, are available on the online tab above or click here:


Instrument Rentals Available are: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Drum Kit (Snare Drum) - Please note: Guitars and Pianos are available for purchase


For help with online rentals, Please contact K & S Music Directly:
Phone: (908) 790-0400

K & S Music, is now offering online rental registration Please use the following instructions to register for instrument rental:

  • Go to the K & S Rental Plan Music page (clickHERE )
  • Under Step One, school code enter 3719 and click SUBMIT
  • Under DISTRICT, select FUNDAMENTAL MUSIC (do not select your town)
  • Select the instrument you wish to rent
  • Under "Click Link", click SELECT
  • The Code for rentals is 3719

From there, you will be taken to the Appropriate online form for the instrument you wish to rent. We hope this form will help make your instrument rental experience simpler and smoother!

(Click in the K&S Icon below)

Violins and Cellos are also available from the following link