Online Music Lessons

Modern education methods have successfully incorporated online learning. Music programs have embraced this format with a great deal of success and it is now possible to learn an instrument online. There are advantages and drawbacks to online music lessons. read our post detailing the best strategies for making use of the flexibility offered with online music classes.

Fundamental Music Instruction offers instrumental music lessons for beginner students to advanced. We offer classes are at select schools –  see our school list. If you do not attend one of these schools, you can take your class online.  (Of course, we are very happy to design a program to fit the needs of your school).

We recommend private classes when taking online music lessons but we can offer small groups upon request.

Our teaching approach is “Musicality First and Foremost“. Along with the basics, students focus on musical phrasing, timing and style. Musicality can be part of the musical journey right from the start. To assist you on this journey, we have created an instructional video for every line in our curriculum –  this is our youtube page.

FMI started in 1979

Since 1979 we have helped thousands of students begin and continue on their musical journey. Fundamental Music Instruction began as Future Musicians and has been teaching instrumental music lessons in a great many private and public schools.  When you begin researching “Music Lessons Near Me” we know what you are looking for is the best music teachers and the most convenient schedule at the most affordable cost.

A Class for Everyone

All of our music teachers have a degree in music and music education. Many have advanced degrees and a few have doctoral degrees. Our instrumental music lessons can be scheduled at one of our select school programs, during the school day and in many cases, after school. We are excited to offer Online lessons online as well, making scheduling even easier. Now we offer classes at select schools and online! At FMI we understand the pressures on everyone’s schedule. So many things pull at our time that making a commitment to a set schedule can often become difficult. Weather you need beginner Flute lessons or advanced, our schedule is flexible

Fundamental Music meets or exceeds the 3 requirements most people look for when researching the best piano class: 

Great teachers, Flexible scheduling and affordable cost.

We design and teach instrumental music lessons at schools and online. Check our school list  or take a trial lesson Online

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