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Would child like to study music? Did you play an instrument as a child and want to learn again? Read our blogs to find out more about featured instruments, at school music classes, online music lessons, and best tips to succeed. Not sure what instrument to start with?  Why not schedule a complimentary online lesson to see what you like?  Fundamental Music makes it easy to study music!

Online Music Instruction

FMI has Great Guitar Teachers

Play Guitar with an amazing teacher Our music students can be confident in knowing they are learning from amazing, talented, and professional music teachers with Fundamental Music Instruction. We know

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Our Philosophy

Musicality is first and foremost in our approach. Therefore, students will work to produce a pleasing tone with a sense of timing and style right from the very start. This is why our ensembles are also based on the musicality first approach. Above all, FMI performances are known for their tone quality, tuning, musical balance, phrasing and style. With our focus on musicality, it is no wonder that our Award winning Honor Band has achieved 27 outstanding and superior ratings at music festivals.

We believe the best way to learn music at school is in small groups and we schedule these by compatible age, instrument and experience. For this reason, we schedule ensemble rehearsals for students who are ready to have this experience. Most importantly, each lesson is tailored for the way the class learns best. For this reason, performances reflect the careful planning we take ensuring every student has the best opportunity to grow and learn.

Trombone LessonsMany students have preferred Online Music Classes

Students who take music lessons online usually choose private lessons (online small groups can be arranged if you have a freind(s) that want to pair up with you). In this setting, students are able to learn the type of music they are most interested in.  Subsequently, our teachers can focus 100% of their attention on that one student to ensure that hand positioning, posture or the understanding of a particular concept are correct.  As a result, a student who has a particular difficulty in one area can work on it more easily. In addition, a student who is excelling in one area, can study music that interests that student. For this reason we offer 30 minute and 1 hour lessons.  

Above all , our program is equipped to offer music lessons for students of all ages and abilities.  Classes are at select schools and even more flexible scheduling with Online music lessons.

Learn to Play an Instrument with At – School or Online Music Classes

Fundamental Music Instruction offers multiple ways to learn a musical instrument. For example, we offer private online lessons and small group music lessons through the school that a student attends. See our school list and read more about online lessons plus other  programs we offer.

Everyone Can Benefit from Music Lessons  

We never want people to be unable to learn to play a musical instrument because of money.  Music can benefit everyone! For this reason we offer group discounts, family plans, and monthly payment options. Find out more about our easy payment options.

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